Water, we experience it every day; showering, cooking, drinking, cleaning, and producing-Food, Electricity, Electronics, and I could go on.

The over 7 billion Human Beings on this some 24,000 miles in diameter planet, make up a combined 4 billion gallons of water. Incredible, yet we consume billions of gallons per day.

Water is synonymous with life, providing the fundamental functions of all living organisms on Earth. It flows beneath our feet, within our hearts, and falls above our heads (sometimes not often enough!). Lets take a look into some of the amazing aspects of water.

SO MUCH WATER…WE CANT USE. With over 70% of the earth’s surface covered in water, only a fraction of that is fresh water, and a fraction of that small fraction is usable. 2.5% of the World’s water is Fresh Water, and 98.8% of that is stored in ice and groundwater. About .003% is contained in biological bodies such as you and me, and manufactured products. Our vast oceans and our Mediterranean Oasis wont help us here. YES, desalination is already in operation in parts of the world, but it’ is an expensive process that consumes more energy than what results of it.

THE UNIVERSAL SOLVENT. An absolute Marvel of water is it’s ability to dissolve a large variation of molecules. Water dissolves more substances than any other known liquid. This is critical in aiding biological and chemical processes. When we consume food, water assists our digestive system in absorbing and transporting vital nutrients throughout our body. This is the same principle for Plants as it is for us.

IT FLOATS. Every other liquid becomes denser when it is in a frozen state, except for water. Water as a liquid has a density of 62.4 lb/cu. ft. in it’s […]