MotoIr has been working on a new for the last few months.

The new site will provide significant improvements in functionality, content and new tools to make doing business with MotoIr and Branif Systems easier and more effective for our customers, re-sellers and partners. Furthermore, the website of Branif Systems Group, Inc. “” (our Integration Subsidiary) will be merged into one site with to seamlessly be the front of our new solutions focused strategy.


MotoIr is focused on exclusively supporting, developing, marketing and selling the Motorola Irrigation product portfolio, and through Branif Systems provides the end to end solution to our customers.


Branif Systems, part of MotoIr, provides end to end automation solutions using the Motorola Irrigation platform and other systems unique to Branif. From Irrigation Control and Monitoring Systems to SCADA, IIOT services, Networking and other solutions focused on measuring, controlling, and analyzing water applications.

For now, we can only show you this preview…

A Snippet of the new