Providing advanced automation and water management solutions for a wide range of applications. From 2000 Acre farms in Nebraska to Universal Studios in the heart of Los Angeles. We are a group of dedicated individuals who have a goal; Provide solutions to our customers that increase operational efficiency, and improve your organizations' bottom-line. We mean reducing your costs, improving your organization’s efficiency, streamline irrigation processes, and making your life easier.

MotoIr History

We are confronted by a farmer that needed to turn on valves remotely, and the environment was too hostile to lay wire.
MotoIr sells the MIR 5000 and MIR 5000 F system to Cities and Farmers primarily in the United States
MotoIr develops auxillary add-on technology to the IRRInet system when the irrigation division's business model changes indirect channels, selling  through distributors and Value Added Resellers. VARs (Value Added Resellers) continue to support the product. MotoIr is formed to channel sales and service in respective markets.
IRRInet XM System Is Developed, MotoIr begins sale of XM Platform
ICC Pro is released
IRRIcomm is released
A new IRRInet experience. The Motorola IRRInet NextGen system with up to 25 years of compatibility with tomorrow's technology in SCADA, Telemetry, and Controls. This provides customers with unparalleled value and flexibility to the operation of the future.



We are in business to sell a premium water management solution to our customers. From rigorous quality control, 6x SIGMA manufacturing process, and testing to the highest quality of raw materials. From the casing to the electronics, we know you expect your investment to last decades, and so do we. MotoIr's name means more than a brand, its Durability, Quality, and Technological innovation


You rely on your equipment to work all the time. It’s a reasonable expectation, considering many enterprises demand the same. But things happen. It could be a lighting strike, human related, or a malfunction in the system. It doesn’t matter. What matters is getting the system up and running as soon as possible. We know the support is as important as the system itself. Know that when you invest in our system, you have a global organization, with local expertise, at you’re ready.


You’ve heard the saying ‘you get what you pay for’, and when purchasing an advanced water management system, the saying holds true. We Promise to advise you to your best interest, provide you only what is needed for you to achieve your operational goals, work to our highest degree of knowledge and experience, and provide you with the world’s highest quality control system. We also promise to never undermine quality and capability over cost; because in the end, you get what you pay for.