2018 Irrigation Show (IA)

Come and join us at the 2018 Irrigation Show in Long Beach.

This year, we have even more to be excited about for the upcoming Irrigation Show as it happens to be only 25 minutes from our Headquarters in Laguna Hills. In addition, we have a lot to look forward to, including the release of some exciting new products.

Expect to see new enhancements to ICC PRO, with regards to powerful features and an enhanced User Interface and the addition of a virtual keyboard for in field control and command of the IRRInet RTUs. Motorola Irrigation continues to innovate in the world of water management and Irrigation Control systems.

Motorola Irrigation and IRRInet Value Added Resellers from across the United States will get together for three days to exchange ideas, share customer stories and learn the latest offering in the IRRInet Irrigation Control and Monitoring System. Now our sales and engineering team is looking forward to see our customers in our backyard this December.

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Irrigation Show

The Irrigation Show is the place where the irrigation industry conducts business.

With more then 4700 registrants and over 300 exhibitors, don’t miss this opportunity to investigate the latest the industry has to offer across agricultural, landscape and golf irrigation products, technologies and services and talk one-on-one with product experts.

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9% of farms water efficiently

This is a bad number considering we are in the year 2015, and experiencing record drought. You might think efficient irrigation is with “high efficiency nozzles”, Pivots, or most obvious, sub-surface drip-and you would be correct…sort of. Drip is the last innovation by our industry friend Simcha Blass, who later went on to found Netafim, a world leader in Micro-Irrigation products, but not much else has changed since 5 decades ago.

Today, the only step we can take further-as of yet-is to use information to determine when to fill those drip lines, and to manage the other systems with data as well. This includes the Pumps, Filters, and Nutrient Injection systems (Also widely known as Fertigation). Information is power in today’s world of high output, low input type economy.

Data is the difference between irrigating 3 hours per set versus 5 hours. Its’ the difference between finding a leak the next morning, or as it happens. Its’ the difference between using 20kWh of electricity to pump versus 12kWh in an irrigation cycle. Pivots, Drip, Sprinkler, or even gravity fed irrigation can all be made significantly more efficient; Not by laying pipes and valves in the ground, but rather by intelligent water management platforms such as IRRInet.
Benefit of Automating (not in order of significance):

“See the Action”, and adjust-either manually or automatically

On-Time, Every-Time

Adjust power to the “Action”

Make micro adjustments often, rather than large adjustments seldomly

Simplify complex irrigation schemes with Virtual tools and Virtual sets

Real-Time water and nutrient adjustments to maximize yield on the least inputs.

We are aiming to make every farm an intelligent one. Hence, Intelligence Moving Water™

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