If, Then, And, Or

Conditional Programs

Four words can change your entire operation. What are the possibilities for your irrigation operations if you could ask what if? Ask if and then what? Or what’s next? And when? With Motorola IRRInet you can not only ask these questions yourself, you can command the IRRInet system to ask these questions in nearly any operation. If pump does X, then do Y. If it is X then do Y. If irrigation system does X and irrigation is Y then do Z. The possibilities are endless when you ask the question, what if?

IRRInet is dynamic

All irrigation operations can be automated with four words.

By setting conditional programs within your irrigation operations that ask If, Then, And, Or, nearly any event can be handled automatically

Conditional programs can be applied to all operations. Here are just a few examples.

Conditional programs for irrigation is used to detect leaks, run dynamic programs, stop irrigation, reduce water usage and detect faults.

  • If it’s raining right now, suspend all irrigation.
  • If the pressure exceeds 60PSI for longer than 40 seconds, open pressure relief valve 1 and 2.
  • If reservoir is below 25%, shut off low priority irrigation


Pumps are dynamic. They affect the entire irrigation operation. IRRInet enables complex conditional programs to be set for pumps to cover nearly all circumstances

  • If the pressure exceeds 60PSI for longer than 40 seconds, turn off all pumps connected to that mainline.
  • If current draw in the VFD motor exceed X amps, suspend all irrigation connected with the particular pump
  • If reservoir X is at 100%, turn off all pumps feeding water to reservoir X
  • Other Dynamics
    Our dynamic conditions are powerful tools. With them, custom features and aspects of your irrigation operations can be automated easily and seamlessly.

  • If a particular action does not happen, or an unscheduled event happens, command IRRInet to perform another action, such as send an alert to the operator
  • With Motorola Irrigation’s dynamic conditions, actions that have been affected by a condition can change in real-time with the irrigation’s current state, giving true automatic and intelligent irrigation
  • With nearly endless possibilities of combinations and actions IRRInet conditional programs can affect, the only limitation is your irrigation and imagination.