IRRIcomm Water Management System 

It’s a changing world. And we need to be ready for whatever comes our way. It may be good, or bad, but regardless we need to be ready for the outcome. IRRIcomm™ is designed for the expected and unexpected. When you have a stuck valve while you’re injecting fertilizer at 2 AM, FutureOps™ is ready. Water Allocations? FutureOps™ is ready to maximize time and field capacity, along with the most sophisticated and dynamic field condition sensor suite. Growing Pains? A great problem to have! FutureOps™ is completely modular, and 100% backwards compatible. In fact, IRRIcomm™ has one of the longest lifecycles (next to IRRInet) for irrigation control systems in the world.

IRRIcomm is free of charge to existing Motorola IRRInet customers. 

IRRIcomm Graph Examples

Flow + Moisture
Graph- Flow Only
System Hardware
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