Let’s Automate

Automation may seem like a daunting task, even intimidating. Where do I start? How much is it going to cost? is it worth it? Let's look at these concerns and help you get Automated today!

Every application is unique, yet the same.

Your farm, city, or park is unique. Never are there two of the exact same fields, layouts, or geography, yet we have come up with proven standards and procedures in getting customers with little to no automation fully automated. You do not need any knowledge automation, or sophisticated computer skills to have an automated irrigation operation. Automation simplifies things, as it does critical and non critical tasks for you!



Expensive (not to have one)

An Automation system is your workforce that has been extremely well trained in managing your irrigation operations. Always on time, never sick, an expert at data management, and always looking for ways to save costs, and increase efficiency. An Automation system pays you. It pays you in productivity, time, efficiency gains, and once you pay the creators of it, you never have to pay for it again (depending on which system you choose).

Saving resources

An Irrigation Automation system, such as IRRInet, monitors, and changes just that, irrigation operations. This includes

Labor savings does not mean less jobs

With growing demand for food, public services, and water overall, automation ensures reliable and efficient delivery of demand is maintained. Workers who were previously managing irrigation operations can now be reassigned to production, administration, or other areas of the operation. keep in mind (depending on the size of your operation), a system operator(s) still need to oversee the automation system.

If you prefer GSM or other communication methods, IRRInet M does not fall short. With available RS 485/RS232 (wired), or Cellular. But Really, Why?


Automation Simplifies.

Don’t be intimidated by automating. We make it simple for you. Using advanced technology, we can gather simple information from you that will enable us to configure a unique, and optimized irrigation control system. We use a standard procedure in configuring all systems. This ensures reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

What’s Involved






  •  Automating is a tool that enables your operation to be efficient, and has a lasting positive bottom-line impact.
  •  Motoir does all the hard work, and makes it simple to automate using advanced technology and expertise.
  • The cost of Automating is quickly overcome by savings of resources, and efficiency gains.
  •  Standard procedures are used throughout the configuration process that provides a tried and true method to your system design.
  •  Automation overall simplifies  Irrigation Operations.