Fees are what they are. Always There.

There isn't much good to say about fees (other than you'll rack up miles on your CC every month), however, there is plenty to say about why they are bad for you and your operation.

If there was a need for fees, we’d charge you.

Fees are justified by providers by the add-on services they provide. This includes remote access anytime to your system, logging your data on their servers, backing it up, and easy remote support. They are not justified by sale price subsidies or other types of discounts, as the price does not reflect that. FutureOps (our newest system) is built for today, and the future in mind. Fees will never go away, and that bugs us and our customers.


The Base Station

In all Irrigation Automation systems, a base station is needed to provide communication from the field to a central location. In most cases, the central is in the cloud (hosted on a remote server). To get data to and from the base station, a data connection is needed. Providers that charge you fees, usually use cellular connections at the base station. They are charged a wholesale data price, and mark it up to you, as well as add service charge to that figure. With IRRInet and FutureOps, we eliminate the need for cellular connections (In most cases).

With the power of Radio.

We use a variety of radios specifically modified for IRRInet and FutureOps. These radios share the platform of Motorola Public Safety and Enterprise products, providing unmatched power, reach, and reliability.

You Still have to buy the system

The price difference between a top-tier system and a web-based system in purchase price alone varies from the same to 20% more. Taking our example system above, fees will cost you another 3 systems over the course of 10 years. Generally, your costs will rise, and the expense saved by going with Motorola will help prepare you for the future.


Motorola offers world class systems for water management, and has been doing so for over four decades. With the latest version of ICC, you get all the benefits of a web-based system, with advanced sophisticated technology to enable you to get the most out of every drop, dollar, and second.The only difference? No Fees.

What you get for $0.00/Month

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