Want to be a guinea pig? How about the first, second, or even tenth customer of a new car that uses your body heat to take you from A  to B. Hmm, sounds intriguing and I’m convinced! Almost.

Weather based irrigation started becoming mainstream around 2006, and allowed organizations to irrigate based off of ET in an efficient manner. It was big. Wireless Irrigation came about in the 70’s (Thanks to Motorola), and what a concept it was! Now you can control a valve from 10 miles away, and not dig a big trench, or drive 13 miles to open/close the valve’s.

Then again, we were sending men to the moon in the 60’s.

Today, we are seeing new products entering the marketplace for Precision Agriculture technologies. Automatic valve control  down to the sprinkler! Automatic scheduling of irrigation programs, wireless soil moisture probes, web based VFD (variable Frequency drive) control, automatic analytical tools, and more! Sheesh. What happened to an irrigation clock? To be honest they are still in the vast majority, but that’s changing exponentially in some areas that are affected by unexpected weather.

Does all this high-tech help? Short answer: Yes.

Does it help your bottom-line? That’s a grey area.

In order for technology to actually improve your bottom-line beyond being “convenient”, you actually got to use it to what the system was designed to do. Otherwise, it’s just a convenient luxury.

We had to take a step back for a moment and say “farmers like to be in control. They need to be”. Whether driving their Tractor on manual, or shutting off a valve. Across all of Motorola’s product offering, the system only provides what the farmer is willing to accept to still be in control.

PROVEN- The interesting thing about this new technology is that it is not new. Much more R&D dollars go into public enterprise, public safety, and military applications than agriculture, landscape, and turf applications. Motorola has a huge advantage over every other technology company in the Ag market. It’s primary business is public enterprise, public safety, and military. IRRInet and IRRIcomm adopt the proven technology of automation systems that rely on mission-critical applications and create an irrigation control system.

These High-Tech automation systems do not come cheap. Would you want to spend $40,000 on a prototype car that has been proven in tests to drive for 5 months without any problems? In relation to our industry, that would be two to five years. To be frank, you should not invest in any automation system with the expectation of it lasting five years. What do I mean by lasting? Well of course I mean withstanding the elements, running, and doing what it’s built to do. But I also mean allowing new technology to work with your 5 year old system. Five years from technologies point of view is a hundred years to us.


IRRInet has had automatic scheduling, weather based irrigation, VFD control,  and precise control for over 30 years already. Long before other precPrecise Agision Ag companies were claiming new technology.  We do not re create the wheel every year, we rather refine it. Why? Because providing solutions that work and ultimately improve your bottom line is what we do and have been doing for over 40 years.


Image: Motoir.