ICC PRO is a powerful water management platform that allows users the ultimate in control and monitoring. Combined user defined conditions and proprietary cutting-edge logic equates to an efficient operation that improves the overall bottom-line significantly.

ICC Pro (IRRInet Control Center) Software

ICC PRO has been developed with the latest in development tools and integration capabilities. For the users, it is designed to be friendly and simulates traditional irrigation methods through a customized graphic user interface that is created for customers before installation of the system. This makes the transition to dynamic and sophisticated control seamless and logical for users who are unfamiliar with control systems.

Easy to Use

Water Management systems are no good if the users of the system cannot use them, or are reluctant and intimidated by the technology. ICC PRO was designed with that in mind throughout development, and utilizes powerful automation of the automation to create new programs, define parameters, setup a control point, and most importantly, the manual control and remote operation of the Motorola system.  How is this done.

Real-World Interface

The real interface is similar to how users are used to operating things in real life throughout the water management system. Adding new programs, mainlines, or other areas is simple. Drag and drop programs into the field units with one click.

Remote Control

We offer three different ways you can control your system away from the central. Remote Desktop: Log-in remotely into the central; ICC PRO Client for Windows: have ICC PRO in Mobile format on your tablet(Unlimited users can be on the system at once); SMS: Control your system with text messages and define what the text messages mean.

Always in the field-Virtually

Being out in the field is expensive. Driving, time, resources-all add up. having ICC PRO, you can access the field, see the field, control the field, just as if you were in the field, the only difference? Your not actually in the field.
Being efficient, ensuring nothing is wasted, and keeping things in line is at the core of ICC Pro's advanced technology. Knowing how to optimize flow based on field data, when to irrigate, how much and where to irrigate is all built in-as you would expect. It also has features you wouldn't expect in a water management system.

Feature Full

ICC Pro comes complete with a number of features that make it versatile and flexible to many users. Advanced SMS text and email alerting and reporting that does not require a cell SIM card is just one. Inter Operability between other control systems mean that whatever system you have in place today, whether its a HVAC automation system, or a automation system your already familiar with, ICC Pro will work with or within it.


The user interaction has been developed in a workflow type environment that gives operators the ability to easily access and organize specific operations and carry out tasks. ICC Pro assists in manual tasks through back-end automation, so manual control is easy to do. the system can be sectioned off to certain users, all with various levels of visual and control access.

Automatic Reports beyond the normal

ICC Pro will automatically email reports to selected users, however, it goes further by letting users select what they want to when and what they want to see from the reports. For instance if you only are concerned with flow and moisture, you may select those factors to be the only data to be included in your daily, hourly, or within the hour reports. The SMS text alerting feature provides alerts through the internet. What does this mean? No recurring cellular bills.

Two Operating Modes

With User-View and Irrigation View, Operators can decide what is operational mode is more conformable for them. User-View is a graphic interface that show visually through a customize user screen the actual control and monitoring applications. Irrigation View is a structured interface that shows system information through the IRRInet system.

The Flexibility to do More...or Less. 

ICC Pro comes in a range of options, each with varying capabilities, and cost, so you pay for only what you need. From basic irrigation control for small systems to large systems with multiple pumps, a weather station, thousands of valves, hundreds of sensors, and multiple VFD's. Whatever it is, ICC Pro is built for your scale.


Suitable For:

Municipal Water Control
Agricultural control System
Turf/Landscape Systems
Home Owners Associations
Resorts/Corporate Campus’s

Feature Overview

• Accurate and timely operation of water-related processes • Real-time performance analysis and status reporting for all field components • Instant detection of system failures and selective SMS/Email reporting to on-duty operators or group of users • Comprehensive programming abilities • Irrigation schedule based on quantity, time and a combination of quantity and time • Highly intuitive and easily customized Graphical User Interface (GUI) • Powerful reporting tool which collects, archives and delivers customized operational data from remote sites • Sensor inputs are automatically logged and data may be displayed in trends • Set points may be pre-defined to start, pause, resume or stop according to conditions and programs • Monitoring of inlets and outlets on the distribution’s mains, indicating any substantial difference in flow • Powerful rule-based expert system providing decision rules
Specifications listed below are subject to change without notice. Please consult your Motoir representative to ensure all specifications are up to date.  
Specification ICC Pro ICC 
Capacity Unlimited I/Os 9999 I/Os
Software License Purchase License One Time License Purchase
Operational Mode Central, Standalone, and Remote (Client). Central, Standalone, and Remote (Client).

PC Requirement

Operating System Windows® 7 or 8. Pro is preferred.Mac OS X Windows® XP. Pro is preferred.
Processor 2.3 GHz Quad Core 2.3 GHz Dual Core
GPU Integrated or Higher 512MB Minimum. Integrated or Higher 256MB Minimum.


SMSAlerting Internet SMTP Server GSM Modem
E-Mail / Voice Alert YES YES
Terminal Mode NO YES
Weather/Soil/Geographic based Irrgigation Control YES (ET, MOISTURE) YES (ET, MOISTURE)
Access Control YES YES


SWAT complaint IA SWAT tested IA SWAT tested
Uprgrade Ability Next Option Difference Next Option Difference
User Modes 2 1
Server SQL Server 2012 and 2008 FOXPRO
ET IRRIGATION Weather Station, Soil Moisture, CIMIS, climate.com, AGRIMET Weather Station, Soil Moisture
Initial Release 2012 1999