If your water comes from a local water district, chances are the Motorola ACE played a key role in transporting the water to you. Called 911? Motorola ACE managed important data specific to your situation and routed your emergency to the appropriate agency, shaving life-saving time in response time. At the gas station recently? Motorola ACE was on board an oil platform managing the transport and process control. How about making a trip to the grocery store recently? The Bread, Avocados, Wine, Grapes, Onions, Apples, and Corn might have come from a producer that utilizes Motorola ACE. No other irrigation controller in the world has a reputation, reliance, and presence like the IRRInet ACE.


The Most Robust Irrigation Controller in the World

The IRRInet ACE was derived from the MOSCAD 3600, which was built for police, military, and rescue operations so its bloodline is from a superhero type pedigree. With over 130,000 installations worldwide, it is the most trusted and relied upon irrigation controller the world has ever known. A controller built so strong and packed with the latest technology is nice to know, but how does it help you ?

Awesome Control Capabilities

The IRRInet ACE comes complete with options of the most diverse and powerful control options today. From Digital and Analog control to IP, Serial, MODBUS and AF1 communication protocol-which means you can just about have ICC Pro control anything.

Sensor Suite

The intelligence in the field comes from a host of third-party sensors located within the application. From a weather station to the sensors located in the VFD control panel. IRRInet ACE can pull data from nearly any sensor on the market today. Pressure Transducers, Soil Tensiometers, Digital Control Panels, pH sensors, and much more.

Communication Capabilities that give you Freedom

Today, many control systems tie you to a data plan. The MOSCAD 3600 (The IRRInet ACE's Derivative) operates in envorments where it simply cannot tolerate both the speed and reliability of cellular or third party servers. IRRInet ACE allows you the freedom of Radio options that meet the toughest applications. Other communication options are available, such as IP for blazing fast communication.'



As your operation grows, technology changes, or you are expanding your automation system, the IRRInet ACE's modular design give greater flexibility to expand or add new and evolving technology while being highly cost-effective by only adding new modules. The IRRInet platform is designed with backwards and forwards compatibility, so know that in 10 years, you can have the latest while not breaking your budget.

Multiple Operations

The IRRInet ACE can be many things at the same time.

Integral Part of IRRInet and IRRIcomm control systems

The IRRInet ACE is an integral part of the IRRInet and IRRIcomm control system. IRRInet users can utilize IRRInet ACE to expand on their current systems capabilities, while new users can take advantage of implementing IRRInet ACE for the IFI or field units.



Suitable For:
Municipal Water Control
Agricultural control System
Turf/Landscape Systems
Home Owners Associations
Resorts/Corporate Campus’s


Feature Overview

  •  Multilingual software: Change language on the fly
  •  Effective alarm system: Supports paging and SMS Remote manual commands
  •  Real-time and historical trends data logger
  •  Remote Monitoring Via Tablet or Smart Phone
  •  Control Non-Irrigation Functions
  • Tariff/Time (TATI) water accumulation programs
  •  Fully Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Operate previous generation products and new products in the same system I/O Capacity
Specifications listed below are subject to change without notice. Please consult your Motoir representative to ensure all specifications are up to date.
IRRInet ACE Specification
Inputs 512
Outputs 512
Groups 400
Mainlines 250
Remote Slave Units 256


RS485/RS232 Up to 3 x RS-485 ports and 4 RS-232 Ports
Ethernet Up to 2x10/100 MB ports and 1x10 MB port


Motorola Radio IRRInet Radio Package W/CM200,CDM750, HT750, and MOTO TRBO Digital Radio
Cellular GPRS MI Modem
2-Wire Decoder


CAS Options CAS varies based on application
Uprgrade Ability Modules for Expanded I/O, Sensors
User Modes IFI, RTU, Stand Alone
Inerface Central, Remote Client, SMS
Certification-Quality quality (ISO9001:2000), 6 SIGMA
Certification-Industry Specific IA SWAT
Certification-Enviroment health and safety (OHSAS 18001), and environmental management (ISO 14001:2004)