Piccolo XR

Have a remote area where you need to control one, two, or even four valves? Start/Stop a pump? Measure Moisture? Or even a 30 inch Mainline? Piccolo XR is your answer.


Nothing? No Problem.  

The Piccolo XR is designed to work in the nearly all enviroments. With it's Self Contained, Secured enclosure system, the XR can be installed in minutes ready to work with your IRRInet system. Thousands of units have already been installed throughout the world in applications that range from irrigation control to portable flood management systems.

Sensor Suite

Need to read Moisture from a Soil Tensiometer? Pressure from a Transducer? Or how about control a motorized gate valve? The Piccolo XR has built-in Analog and Digital I/O that allow you to use whichever sensors work best for your application. No need to mess around with interfaces, software packages, or integration. The Motorola Piccolo XR comes complete with compatibility of over 100,000 different sensors.

Communication Capabilities that give you Freedom

The Piccolo XR operates on low power radio that is built into the control unit. However, as the only wireless Node for Irrigation Control on the market operating on Motorola Irrigation's Low Frequency Radio technology, the Piccolo XR provides un-matched infield range capabilities of 2-10 miles depending on the terrain.

With it's powerful Store and Forward capabilities, the XR's wireless range can be extended to a nearly limitless distance.      

Plug and Go


The Cabinet Assembly System (CAS) is a Motoir enclosure system that is NEMA 4x rated with a built in solar panel. The XR battery never has to be charged, and can even remain operational without sun light for up to 45 days. The CAS is made out of vessel class composite and has a strong integrated locking system to prevent un-authorized access.


The XR is utilized in hundreds of various applications across thousands of units.

Integral Part of IRRInet and IRRIcomm control systems

The Piccolo XR is part of IRRInet and IRRIcomm. Integrating in one or multiple master units (IRRInet M or ACE), the XR can be deployed easily with new or existing systems. The XR can communicate to a master field unit or directly to the central.

piccolo xr cas    
Piccolo XR Pole Mounted

Suitable For:
Municipal Water Control
Agricultural control System
Turf/Landscape Systems
Home Owners Associations
Resorts/Corporate Campus’s

  • Irrinet-RTU-remote-diagram

Feature Overview

  •  Multilingual software: Change language on the fly
  •  Effective alarm system: Supports paging and SMS Remote manual commands
  •  Real-time and historical trends data logger
  •  Remote Monitoring Via Tablet or Smart Phone
  •  Control Non-Irrigation Functions
  • Tariff/Time (TATI) water accumulation programs
  •  Fully Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Operate previous generation products and new products in the same system I/O Capacity
Specifications listed below are subject to change without notice. Please consult your Motoir representative to ensure all specifications are up to date.
IRRInet M Specification
Inputs Up to 8
Outputs Up to 4
Groups 100
Mainlines 4
Remote Slave Units 200


RS485/RS232 RS 232


Motorola Radio Motorola Internal UHF radio
Cellular N/A
2-Wire N/A


CAS Options CAS varies based on application
Uprgrade Ability Modules for Expanded I/O, Sensors
User Modes IFI, RTU, Stand Alone, Master to Piccolo XR
Inerface Central, Remote Client, SMS
Certification-Quality quality (ISO9001:2000), 6 SIGMA
Certification-Industry Specific IA SWAT
Certification-Enviroment health and safety (OHSAS 18001), and environmental management (ISO 14001:2004)