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What is an RTU?

An RTU, or Remote Terminal Unit, is a field unit that talks to a master unit or a base station. The RTU(s) are usually in the field, and connected to a control point, such as a valve or pump, and/or a sensor or input point. Remote Nodes, like the Piccolo XR can connect to an RTU with a PIU (Piccolo Interface Unit).

What is an IFI?

An IFI, or IRRinet Field Interface, is the central base station of the control system.  All RTU’s and remote Nodes report to the IFI. They receive commands, and send data back to the IFI in real time.

NOTE: Programs live in the field units. So if something were to happen to the IFI, the rest of the system is not affected.

– -Is an RTU the same as a Irrigation Clock/Controller?

The short answer is no. An RTU is manfucactured to much higher standards than a irrigation clock. Tolerances for external conditions are much higher, and the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) is nearly 5 times longer than a Irrigation Clock.

Capacity- The capacity of an RTU can be configured in many different ways.  From 12 stations to 512 stations.  The average high-tier irrigation controller maxes out at 48 stations.

Communication-Certain Irrigation RTU’s have the ability of IP/Fiber-Optic communication that allows large advantages in in-operability , reliability, and speed. Traditional irrigation controllers are limited to Radio, Wire, and GPRS cell modems.

What is the difference between IRRInet and IRRIcomm?

IRRInet is a self-contained premium irrigation system. What we mean by self-contained  is that all the communication, data, programs, and software are contained within your organization. There are no monthly service charges, and no recurring fees whatsoever.

IRRIcomm is a full featured, IP based water management system. IRRIcomm uses the same hardware as IRRInet, but the software is slightly different, as well as the services. IRRIcomm offers much more flexible remote packages, services, and system lifecycle support.

What is the warranty for equipment?

1 Year for IRRInet
3 Years for IRRIcomm

We have an existing central control system, will Motorola work with it?

Both IRRInet and IRRIcomm will not integrate into an existing control system. You will need to purchase a Central IFI for your operation to have a centralized Motorola Irrigation system.

I am interested in obtaining more information, what is the next step?

If you want to get into a discussion about automating with Motorola, please call us at 949-552-6552. You can also email us with detailed specifications on what your operational needs are. You may also contact us to set up a group meeting remotely.



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